Remote Services

DSE, Physio, Osteo and exercises online

With just a couple of clicks, our therapist will be able to see and talk with you, to assess and provide advice, answer your questions, and walk you through stretches and exercises.

We analyze your movements through your phone and/or screen camera, and suggest advice, corrections and improvements in real time.


Online consultation is ideal for those that can’t attend face to face sessions. Enjoy your treatment the comfort of your home, office, or hotel

Service Time Pricing
DSE 20 mins £ 25
Sports Therapy 30 mins £ 50
45 mins £ 70
Osteo 30 mins £ 50
45 mins £ 70
Exercise 30 mins £ 50
45 mins £ 70


How it works

1. Pick the telehealth treatment of your choice.

2. Book a convenient appointment on our online platform.

3. Follow the instructions on your email confirmation to get set up.

4. Meet your therapist and enjoy your treatment.